Children riding GOTRAX Gray and Pink GKS Plus Electric Scooters for kids with LEDs

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Child riding GOTRAX E5 Hoverboard for Kids with Infinity Wheels

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We are here to provide the ultimate riding experience by hand-selecting the most fun and safe products for children and teens.

Children riding GOTRAX Silver and Rose Gold Nova Pro Hoverboards for Kids
Ride Safe
Your child can ride safe knowing that everyone of our hoverboards is UL Certified and comes with self-balancing for an easier and smoother riding experience.
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Children riding Teal and Red Vibe Electric Kick Scooter for Teens
Electric Scooters for Kids
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Our electric scooters for kids are our fastest rideables, capable of speeds up to 15.5 mph. Don't forget to wear your helmet!
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We have a wide variety of kick and stunt scooters for children as young as 3 years old to adults.
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This hoverboard is really cool and stable when it operation. It is very powerful when goning uphill and easy to control. Its battery is also very long-lasting, which is very suitable for outdoor activities. Convenient to carry in outdoor activities!

Very Cool Hoverboard
Jack on Aug 6th

Perfect for my 4 year old. He loves using it while we are walking our pups! Perfect Birthday gift too!

Great for Kids!
Donna on June 29th

The Hover board over all is really nice! I have had a few things come up with it and the costumer service has been really nice and easy to deal with!
They take care of whatever needs to be done!

Customer Service
M. Stauffer

I bought something like this from another store and the wheels broke off easily after few uses. This one is so sturdy and heavy-duty! I gave this as a gift to my daughter and it becomes her best friend lol. The battery lasts long and is very easy to operate!!

My daughter Loves it!!
Jaxine on Aug 13th

Wonderfully built and my kids love using them! Will be buying another one for when our youngest is old enough.

STPRO 300 is Great!
Louis V. on Jun 30th