Warranty Period is Determined by manufacturer, and can be found on the product page or manufacturer's website. Hoverboard.com will honor all manufacturer's warranties for the products we sell on hoverboard.com No need to contact the manufacturer, our customer support team can help directly.

If a defect arises during the warranty period, hoverboard.com will repair the affected product at no charge, exchange with an equivalent refurbished replacement, or supply a replacement part if the problem is isolated and can be rectified with new part(s). 

Items damaged due to misuse of the scooter, or incidental issues due to normal wear and tear (such as flat tires, worn brakes, joints loosening), are not covered under the warranty replacement program.  However, parts can be purchased directly from our website in these situations. 

To start the warranty claim process, please submit the issue using the form below and a member from our team will contact you directly with next steps. 

During the warranty period the customer is responsible for return shipping, and can purchase a shipping label at a discount rate from our customer service team. 

Battery Related IssuesLithium-ion battery packs are consumable products that can lose charge capacity over time. See here for tips on prolonging the life of your battery. (link to scooter info page on how to take care of scooter) Defective batteries are rare, but they are covered under warranty.  Receiving a defective battery would usually mean it can not be charged or operated inside the scooter.  If you believe your battery is defective, please upload photos of the battery's serial number below.

Dead on Arrival: In the rare case where your scooter arrives defective, Hoverboard.com will either replace the defective component, repair the scooter, or send a replacement unit at no charge.  In situations where the scooter needs to be sent back to us, we will provide a prepaid return label. Dead on Arrival claims must be made within the first 14 days.

Mulberry Extended Warranty:  The extended warranty is available to purchase at checkout or up to 30 days after purchase.  For more details on the extended warranty, including instructions on how to submit a claim - please see **Link to mulberry**

For customers experiencing issues that fall outside the warranty period, we are still here to help.  Spare parts can be purchased directly from our online store, and we provide detailed instructions for replacing common components. 

International Customers

The same warranty and return conditions outlined above also apply for international orders shipped outside the US.  However, the buyer will be responsible for shipping and customs duties & taxes when shipping the product back for a return or repair.