New Arrival Comet Kids electric scooter

Today we'll introducing a new kids scooter - Comet . It has a new color tone and a handbrake design . Even have a Bluetooth function . Still can enjoy the lovely music when you ride .

The one step folding system are save on storage space and avoid a swinging deckboard by easily folding your child's e-scooter while it is not in use or stairs get in the way of fun !

The fantastic RGB pedal light , bright front light and obvious tail light are keep you more safty and cooler, let you be the most unique presence on the road.

The Comet kids electric scooter features a rear wheel 150 Watt Motor that assists when riding uphill and acceleration off of start as well as reach a top speed of 9 mph. It come with 6" soild tires , no need to worry about flats and can keep on riding anytime . While we start to move up the sleek, new-design frame we come across the deckboard. The silicone Foot Pad improves comfort and grip, helping to prevent slips and falls . And here we can find the 21.6V 2.6aH (56.16Wh) battery that provides a range of up to 4 miles per charge.

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