Take Your Rides Further

Let your child utilize the power of an electric motor so they can keep riding further and for longer.

Find the Right E-Scooter

Kids can be picky when it comes to everything so we made sure to have plenty of models, styles and designs to ensure they get the electric scooter that suites them best.

Motor + Speed

All of our electric scooters for kids from the Scout to the GKS Pro feature deckboard button activation. Your child's feet must be securely placed on the electric scooter before the motor engages.

Range + Battery Life

Battery life is measured by the size of the battery. From a 10.8V 2.6aH in our kids e-scooters to 36V 6.0aH in some of our electric scooter for teens. Your kid is sure to enjoy plenty of riding time on their weekends.

Designs + Style

Our Vibe, Scout and entire GKS line-up feature multiple different color schemes so you can find the right one for your child. Don't worry though, when they out grow our kids and teens electric scooter the Apex comes in two colors so that variety is present in all our e-scooter categories.

LEDs + Digital Displays

We recommend the Scout, GKS Lumios and GKS Plus for kids who want to brighten up their ride. However, our teen and adult electric scooters feature more practical LEDs. Headlights, rear wheel reactive tailights, and digital displays.


Push off 2 to 3 times on your electric scooter like a normal kick scooter. Then put second foot on rear button or press down on handlebar throttle with your thumb, depending on the model you have.

DO NOT: Hold the throttle or have the button pressed while you kick or the motor will not engage.

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