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    Ignite your child's riding passion

    It's the ultimate choice for young riders. Embark on an unforgettable riding journey !

    Unique LED Lights

    The E-Scooter for Mid children or little kids . With LED light , fast speed or mid speed ,always have one fit your kids . Accompany your kids to grow together.

    Adjustable Height For All Age Kids

    Designed for riders of all ages, we had various of kids kick scooter with adjustable handlebar height, easy folding or Unique One Button Detachable mechanism and lightweight frame, can be taken wherever you go. Some kick scooter also have bright PU flash wheel .

    LED headlight & Display

    A bright LED headlight is a necessity for any early morning or evening rides. Avoid potholes or other obstructions with ease. The LED Display indicates speed mode, range, battery status, cruise control and headlight icons, so easy for you to see and control . Also have the tail light, enjoy safe riding at day and night.

    Ultimate Stunt Scooter For You

    Our Stunt Scooter are designed with a soft rubber grip that allows riders to absorb impact, the high Tensile Steel V-bars or T-bars are allow you to do advanced tricks- Backflip, Frontflip, Capron Flip, Barspin Rewind, Bri Whip and so on. Different design style for Beginners , Intermediate riders and Advanced riders.

    Removed & Foldable Seat

    The KS3 equipped with 3 LED Lighted Wheels, Featuring Lean-to-Steer technology, fostering balance and coordination. The seat is foldable and can be easily removed, allowing kids to switch between sitting and standing modes as they ride, features an adjustable handlebar, has 3 height options .