Why You Need a Bluetooth Hoverboard

There are so many options for hoverboards out there, especially at Hoverboard.com. However, there is no need to panic since today we will go over one of our favorite features included in select hoverboard models, an integrated Bluetooth speaker. 

Child riding GOTRAX Black E5 Bluetooth Hoverboard with Infinity Wheels

Play Your Favorite Songs While you Ride!

Rides can often be silent save the occasional bump on the rode or sound coming from the dual-wheel motors in your hoverboard. No more! Hoverboard.com's Glide Chrome, SRX Pro, Nova Pro and E5 hoverboards all come equipped with an integrated bluetooth speaker. Look for your hoverboard in "New Devices" in your Bluetooth settings on your smartphone to connect. 

LED's Light Up Your Hoverboard

All the hoverboards in our Bluetooth category come equipped with LED lights whether it is on the body or the wheel of the hoverboard depends on the model. Nevertheless, each hoverboard has lights that are sure to make each ride a bright one. Additionally, the E5 and Nova Pro hoverboards feature Infinity Wheels for added style thanks to precisely placed lights and mirrors. 

Self-Balancing Mode Keeps the Ride Safe

This feature is standard in all our hoverboard models but it is worth mentioning for beginners or inexperienced hoverboard riders. The self-balancing mode keeps your hoverboard at an even level for easier mounting and dismounting of the board. 

These are just a few of the features on the Bluetooth models of hoverboard. Check out some of their pages for additional features from integrated handlebars, off-road tires, and more!

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