The Only Gift Guide You Will Need This Holiday Season to Make the Whole Family Happy

When it comes to wish lists it is only customary that at least one person in the family wants some sort of technologic device that ends up pulling their attention away from spending quality time with the rest of the family. There has to be a solution for giving a fun gift that also doesn’t result in losing precious time with loved ones. Insert has something for the entire family, regardless of age and interest! And the best part? Everyone can use their gift together. From beginner boards to off-road rides, guarantees that everyone in the family can find a ride to match their interests. In addition to hoverboards, there are a variety of kids scooters available that are budget friendly. Children as young as 2 can enjoy products sold on


The Best Hoverboards for Younger Children (2-6)

Lil Cub - $89.99


The Lil Cub for kids is the perfect introductory hoverboard for first time riders!

This small but mighty board is lightweight, making it easy for kids to handle on 

their own when needed. It is capped at a safe maximum speed of 6.2 miles per hour. Consider the Lil Cub for your lil cub so they too can join in on the family fun. 

SRX Mini - $99.99

The SRX Mini is another hoverboard designed specifically for younger kids. It 

features an ultra-convenient design, making it easy to carry by the strategically placed handles. Capping at a safe 6.2 miles per hour, your youngest will love being part of the action. 

The Best Hoverboards for Kids (4-8)

Flash - $99.99

The Flash is a great hoverboard for children in the 4-8 year range, but children 

slightly younger or older are not excluded from enjoying this fun board. With a max speed of 6.2 miles per hour, the Flash operates safely. Let your child pick from three exciting colors! 

Fluxx FX3 - $129.99

If your child is ready for a slightly more advanced hoverboard, the Fluxx FX3 is 

definitely the one to consider. With a slightly bigger motor than other hoverboards, this model can ride as long as 3.25 miles in between charges. This hoverboard also features self-balancing mode, which is a great choice for children who may need that extra support as they get on the board. 

Remix - $139.99

While the Remix is not exclusively for kids, (Adults that means you can ride it 

too!) we’ve placed it in this category because our customers have let us know just how much their kids love this hoverboard. It also features our beloved self-balancing mode! 

The Best Hoverboards for Teens - Adults

Nova LED 

With integrated bluetooth included, the Nova LED takes hoverboarding to the 

next level. Great for older kids, teens and adults! Its dual 200 Watt motors (400 total Watts), and 25.2 Volt battery allows riders to go up to 3.1 miles in between charges and reach speeds up to 6.2 miles per hour. With bright LED lights, this hoverboard can also be ridden safely even when the sun goes down. 

Nova Pro 

The Nova Pro offers all the same great luxuries mentioned in the Nova LED, but 

this model also features a beautiful chrome coating and a stronger battery, so riders can operate this hoverboard up to 5 miles per charge. Connect your phone and start riding to your favorite tunes! 


Ride in style on the chrome coated Glide hoverboard. With four unique chrome 

colors to choose from, this model stands out among the pack. Other great 

features include the wireless bluetooth connection, self-balancing mode and vibrant LED lighting. 

Glide Pro 

Everything one could love in the Glide hoverboard can also be found in the Glide 

Pro, but it includes even more that make this the ultimate holiday gift. With incredibly designed infinity wheels, this hoverboard is one of the most visually unique models out there! Enjoy riding up to 5 miles per charge at speeds up to 6.2 miles per hour. 


Looking for a step up from the traditional hoverboard? The SRX is a great option 

for anyone in the family looking for something with a little more “umph.” This powerful hoverboard can reach speeds up to 7 miles per hour and operate up to 5 miles between charges. Don’t forget to connect your phone to hoverboard with your favorite music!


With a handful of fun colors to choose from, everyone in the family can have their 

own unique SRX A6! Enjoy self balancing mode and the wireless bluetooth speaker. With its 400 Watt motor, riders can enjoy speeds up to 6.5 miles per hour. 

SRX Pro 

The SRX Pro is the ultimate ride for anyone in the family who wants to take their 

hoverboarding off road! With 8.5” all terrain tires, this model doesn’t mess around. It features one of our most powerful motors at 470 Watts, allowing users to reach speeds up to 7.4 miles per hour. Enjoy 7.5 miles of use between charges for all-day fun. 

Infinity Pro 

This best selling hoverboard does it all. From its aesthetically pleasing chrome 

coated exterior to its high performance motor and battery, the Infinity Pro will make anyone in the family happy this Holiday season. Ride up at speeds up to 7.4 miles per hour and up to 7.5 miles between charges. The 8.5” all terrain tires also allow you to take this hoverboard safely off roading! 

Hoverfly E3

The Hoverfly E3 is best for the speed demon in the family! Reaching speeds up to 

8.1 miles per hour, this hoverboard is our fastest model to date. Its 500 Watt motor does it all. It also features self balancing mode and a tech-inspired design. 

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