The Best Bluetooth Hoverboards

Hoverboarding can be a rewarding and fun experience. Learning to balance strengthens leg and core muscles, not to mention patience! Riding the neighborhood doesn't have to be a silent affair either when you grab the right hoverboard. Our Bluetooth Integrated hoverboards allow your child to connect a smartphone and play their favorite songs while they ride. Here are our picks for the best Bluetooth hoverboards.

Glide Chrome 6.5"

Child riding GOTRAX Glide Chrome Bluetooth Hoverboard with LEDs

Our first hoverboard we equipped with Bluetooth. The Glide Chrome features an integrated bluetooth speaker, 6.5" solid rubber tires, dual 200W motors, and more. We'd recommend the Glide Chrome to anyone looking to start hoverboarding on the right note. You can also make use of this hoverboards self-balancing mode if you have inexperienced riders. It greatly assists any first-time rider keeping their balance and avoiding falls. 

Nova Pro Hoverboard

GOTRAX Black Nova Pro Bluetooth Hoverboard with Infinity Wheels

Infinity wheels with infinite music options. The Nova Pro is our next Bluetooth hoverboard on our list. Thanks to carefully, precisely placed LED's and mirror we were able to create the illusion of infinity. We also placed additional LEDs around the hoverboard for an extra bright ride. An impressive 36V 2.6aH gives this hoverboard a max range of 5 miles per charge and top speed of 6.2 mph. This ride is ideal for those looking for a little more style in their ride than a typical hoverboard can offer. Don't forget to wear a helmet whenever you are riding. 

E5 Hoverboard

GOTRAX Black E5 Off-Road Bluetooth Hoverboard with LED Infinity Wheels

The best of both worlds. Taking some of the best features from the Glide Chrome, Nova Pro, and then adding some, the E5 Hoverboard is our best Bluetooth hoverboard available. 8" Off-Road Infinity wheels will be the instant eye catcher but some of the other highlights can't be seen but heard. Look for your E5 in your Bluetooth settings to connect and start playing your favorite songs. Moreover, parents don't have to miss out on the fun either with a max rider weight of 220lbs. 

Ride safe and don't forget to have fun!


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