Product Overview: GOTRAX ST PRO 300 Stunt Scooter

Today we're braking down one of the best scooters for the skatepark, the GOTRAX ST PRO 300 stunt scooter for kids. We'll go over a few of favorite features, specs, and more. This is first and only stunt scooter your child will ever need!

Child riding GOTRAX ST PRO 300 Stunt Scooter for Kids at a Skatepark

Stunt scootering is a physically demanding sport and requires only the best equipment to handle the intense impacts and high flying tricks the come with it. That's where the ST PRO 300 comes in. This stunt scooter is built with aircraft-grade aluminum in a solid frame to significantly reduce the chance of cracks or breaks while tricking. 

Kid riding a concrete arch at a Skatepark on a GOTRAX ST PRO 300 Stunt Scooter

On top of the solid frame, this stunt scooter comes with ABEC9 bearings and solid rubber times. This allows for a much smoother ride and will be absorbs some of the impact at the skatepark. All of this combines to allow for a max rider weight of up to 220lbs so your child can ride their ST PRO 300 all the way through their teens. Be sure to pair your kid's new stunt scooter with a helmet and other protective gear just in case they take a tumble or two when they are practicing. 

Ride safe and have fun!

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