The Best Stunt Scooters for Kids

We may be but we don't just have hoverboards available for your child to ride. If your kid is the one always taking their rideables off jumps and curbs then we have the exact fit for them. Our line-up of stunt scooters is here to take on any jumps and bumps your child can throw at them. We will go over our favorite models and designs so you can find the right one for your child. 

RideVolo T03 Stunt Scooter

Child performing a trick on a RideVolo T03 Stunt Scooter for Kids at a skate park
The perfect introduction to the stunt scooter world. The Ridevolo T03 Stunt Scooter is built with aircraft grade aluminum solid, non-foldable frame. While sometimes it is convenient to have adjustable handlebars or a foldable frame, we want to ensure the strongest, most durable ride possible. This stunt scooter can handle a max rider weight of 220lbs so your child can ride this scooter up to and past their teens. The T03 comes equipped with 4.3" solid rubber tires as well. 

GOTRAX ST PRO 200 Stunt Scooter

Child on a GOTRAX ST PRO 200 Stunt Scooter for Kids at a Skate Park

It is time to go to the next level. The GOTRAX ST PRO 200 Stunt Scooter is best suited for intermediate stunt riders who will enjoy the ABEC9 bearings for a smooth ride and increased stability. A solid frame with comfortable rubber grips make certain that this scooter can handle any kind of stunt. The ST PRO 200 also features a unique green and black gradient color finish that is sure to standout at the skatepark. 

GOTRAX ST PRO 300 Stunt Scooter

Child riding a GOTRAX ST PRO 300 Stunt Scooter for Kids in a Skate Park

If you feel ready to go pro, this is the scooter for you. GOTRAX's ST PRO 300 Stunt Scooter comes with a lightweight 8.8lbs aircraft-grade aluminum frame that was built to take over the skatepark or wherever else you decide to practice your stunts or tricks. The 4.3" solid rubber tires and ABEC9 bearings create a shock absorbing compression system for one of our smoothest rides. The ST PRO 300 also has a gradient, blue and green this time around with a chrome deckboard that is guaranteed to be the shiny standout while you are practicing your favorite tricks. 

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