Product Overview: Glide Chrome Bluetooth Hoverboard 6.5"

Our first hoverboard designed with a bluetooth integrated speaker so you could ride with your favorite songs playing. The Glide Chrome is one of our most popular and best-selling hoverboards of 2022. Today we are going to give it some time in the spotlight to talk about some of our favorite features and show exactly why you should consider grabbing a Glide Chrome of your own.

Two Children riding Silver and Rose Gold Glide Chrome Bluetooth Hoverboards

The Glide Chrome features Dual 200 Watt Motors on either wheel that are powered by a 25V 2.6aH battery which both contribute to the self-balancing mode of the hoverboard. Self-balancing mode keeps the scooter level and steady so that even first time hoverboarders can learn and ride with ease. 

Child with Thousand Brand Helmet riding GOTRAX Silver Glide Chrome Bluetooth Hoverboard

That motor and battery combo also give the Glide Chrome 3.1 miles per charge and a top speed of 6.2 mph. Additionally, this hoverboard rides on 6.5" LED Wheels so flats won't be an issue. We recommend the Glide Chrome for those looking for a fun, easy to learn, and music-filled ride. Be sure where ever you end up riding to wear a helmet!

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