Hoverboards: Why They Are So Much Fun

We often talk about the different type of hoverboards, scooters, and e-scooters Hoverboard.com has to offer but we don't seem to talk about the why behind them. Why so many people come to  Hoverboard.com for a wide variety of ride-on toys that kids, teens, and even adults can ride. Today we'll discuss why so many have joined the electric hoverboard movement and why you should be the next one to ride along!

The Whole Family Can Ride Together

A teen and child riding GOTRAX Infinity Pro and Flash LED Hoverboards 

Hoverboard.com features a large line-up of hoverboards for all ages. The SRX Mini is a perfect introductory e-rideable for children as young as 6. This hoverboard even features built-in handlebars on the foot pedals for easier carrying when your young one is done riding. Additionally, it comes with our signature self-balancing mode so every ride is stable, comfortable and smooth. Be sure to grab your kid some protective gear as well in case they take any tumbles while first learning how to ride. 

There are also models for older teens and adults such as our E5 Bluetooth Hoverboard with Infinity wheels. A larger frame and powerful dual 250W motors can handle up to 220lbs in total weight for a top speed of 7.5mph. The integrated bluetooth is perfect for playing your favorite songs on your rides. Furthermore, all of our hoverboards have solid-rubber tires so you'll never have to worry about a flat or popped tire while you ride. 

A Style for Everyone

GOTRAX Glide Chrome Hoverboard with LED Wheels and Integrated Bluetooth Speaker Hoverboard

You can find a wheel size, paint color, features, and design you and your family like so the hoverboard matches the rider. Hoverboards such as the Glide Chrome(Pictured Above) feature LEDs all around your ride, even on the wheels and a chrome paint finish so those LEDs shine even brighter. On the other hand, we also have options for those who want something a little less flashy. For instance, the Flash hoverboard. Ironically enough, the Flash features only two lines of LEDs at the front of the hoverboard. Not every rider will want the brightest, or the most LEDs. Some just want a ride that will take them where they need to go. 

Find a New Way to Ride

GOTRAX Hover Kart Conversion Kit for Hoverboards

Riders don't even have to learn to ride their hoverboard the standard way. The GOTRAX Hover Kart Conversion Kit for Hoverboards turns your hoverboard into an easy-to-rid and fun to use hoverkart. That way even kids and adults that can't quite get the hang of riding on a hoverboard can find a new way to ride. The Hoverkart is can be fully built and attached to a hoverboard in less than 10 minutes. Just remember to ride safe and always wear a helmet!

No matter your age, there is a hoverboard out there for you. Find your first and last hoverboard you'll need at Hoverboard.com

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