Top 3 Safety Items Every Hoverboard Rider Needs

Hoverboarding can be a bit challenging to learn. Taking tumbles is part of learning how to ride. Same thing happens when you learn to ride a bike for the first time. That is why we wanted to breakdown our picks for the top three safety items new and experienced hoverboard riders need. 

1. Helmet

Thousands Brand Stealth Black Heritage Helmet

This one is an obvious. Any rideable regardless of build or speed should be used while wearing a helmet. A majority of injuries can be avoided if someone is wearing a helmet. A scratch or bruise is better than a bump to the head. Luckily, we have several helmets in stock. Thousand Brand makes a quality helmet with an easy to lock magnetic chin strap and an integrated hole made for both chain and u-locks. We have the Heritage helmet for teens and the Jr. for our younger riders. 

2. Knee, Wrist, and Elbow Guards

G03 Protection Pack in Black with Knee, Elbow and Wrist Guard.

For the next level of protection, we recommend protecting the joints since they are usually the hardest points hit during a fall. Luckily, sells a pack with all three. The G03 Protection Pack features black and pink color variations with a one size fits all knee, wrist and elbow guards. All of the pads come with adjustable straps so you can make sure they are secure but comfortable for any rider who needs them. 

3. Hoverboard Carrying Bag

Believe it or not the Hoverboard Carrying Bag is important for Hoverboard safety and storage. Most of the time kids leave their toys scattered around which can lead to all sorts of accidents. Having a place to store your child's hoverboard can teach them to be responsible with their toys and will hopefully help you avoid stepping on or tripping over them. 

All in all, ride safe and ride responsibly with your hoverboard to avoid any unnecessary accidents or damages so you and your child can keep having fun!

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