Best Hoverboards for Adults

Who said hoverboarding was just for kids? Well whoever said it didn't see some of the hoverboards we have available. We adjusted some of our models to feature larger batteries, sturdier frames, bigger wheels, and a higher weight capacity for our older riders. Don't let your age define what you can ride. Here are our best hoverboards for adults

GOTRAX E4 Off-Road 8"

GOTRAX Black E4 Off-Road Hoverboard

The E4 Off-Road Hoverboard was one of our first off-road hoverboards built for both children and adults. This incredible hoverboard features dual 250W Motors bringing its total motor strength to 500W. Built with 36V 4.0aH battery allows for a top speed of 7.5mph and max range of 7 miles. That battery is surrounded by a durable frame that can support riders up to 220lbs. Adults need not worry about flats and hassle, the E4 comes with 8" solid rubber off-road tires as well so they can take them wherever they'd like to ride. For some, this could be their first time riding a hoverboard. However, there is no need to worry because the E4 is self-balancing and will auto-correct to level when not in motion. Thankfully, making gettin on and off your hoverboard much easier. 

GOTRAX E5 LED Off-Road Hoverboard 8.5"

GOTRAX Rose Gold E5 Off Road Hoverboard 8.5"

An E4 with a bit more style and sound, literally. The E5 LED Off-Road Hoverboard comes with a built-in Bluetooth speaker so you can jam out and listen to your favorite songs while you ride. This hoverboard also comes with our signature Infinity Wheels that are created with precisely placed LEDs and mirrors to create the illusion of infinity. Front facing LEDs and a chrome finish only add to the look of this incredible hoverboard. On the other hand, we have to mention the interior of the hoverboard as well. 500 Watt motor strength (Dual 250W) and a 36V 4.0aH battery give the E5 a top speed and range of 7.5mph and 7 miles, respectively. 

GOTRAX SRX Pro All Terrain Hoverboard 8.5"

Woman and Man riding GOTRAX Red and Green SRX Pro All Terrain Hoverboards

Our first hoverboard we designed for the off-road. The SRX Pro All Terrain Hoverboard comes with large 8.5" solid-rubber off-road tires so you won't have to worry about a flat. It comes with dual 235W motors and top speed of 7.4 mph you shouldn't have to worry about what you are riding on. Just be sure wherever you ride you are wearing a helmet! Furthermore, this hoverboard comes in not one, not two, but seven different colors! There are plenty of choices to best suite whoever is going to be riding. 

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