Best Helmets for Hoverboard Riders

Nothing is more important than the safety of a child while they ride their favorite hoverboard. We want to ensure your child's safety with the best helmets we can recommend. Luckily, they are all available at right now. Helmets are just the first step in protective gear. Knee pads, elbow pads, wrist guards, and more are just a few of the shock-absorbing accessories that could save you a trip to the hospital. Here are the best helmets for hoverboard riders. 

3. GOTRAX Multi-Sport Helmet

GOTRAX Multi-Sport Helmet for Hoverboard ridersThe GOTRAX Multi-Sport Helmet is perfect for just that, multiple sports. However, it is best suited for hoverboarders and stunt scooter riders. This breathable helmet keeps you cool and safe with 13 precisely placed air vents to keep the circulation of air flowing while you ride. It is also CPSC & ASTM certified for skateboarding and trick roller skating so it can handle even the toughest of falls. The Multi-Sport helmet only weighs 0.6lbs at its largest size so it won't be cramping your neck as you ride your hoverboard. 

2. Thousands Jr. Helmet

Thousand Brand Going Green Thousand Jr. Helmet

The ultimate hoverboarders helmet. The Thousand Jr. Helmet is the one size fits all helmet for kids. Available in three unique colors; Power Pink, Going Green(pictured above), and Blazing Blue, this helmet offers an updated, modern look and comfort compared to its multi-sport predecessor. This helmet features a sturdy, easy to use magnetic latching buckle. No more tough or uncomfortable clips accidentally pinching your neck. If the helmet ever feels too tight just adjust the final size with the dial fit system at the back of the helmet.

1. The Heritage Helmet

Thousand Brand Polished Titanium Heritage Helmet

For the older kids. Who said hoverboarding was just for kids? Not us that's for sure. The Thousand Heritage Helmet is for our adult hoverboard riders out there. Featuring the same great features from the Jr but with a bit more variety and customization. 3 different sizes and 5 different colors cover just about every rider and hoverboard so you can make sure your helmet matches your ride. The Polished Titanium(pictured above) fits perfect with our Glide Chrome Bluetooth hoverboard and a few of our other chrome-finish hoverboard models. 

Ride safe and don't forget to pick up one of the helmets for your kid or for yourself!

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