Upgrading Your Kid’s Kick Scooter in Three Phases

Kick scooters are a great investment when it comes to entertainment, activity, and fun for the whole family. This style of scooter is championed by both parents and riders as a versatile and budget-friendly piece of equipment—a staple for children, preteens, and teenagers alike. Follow along with this simple guide to learn which kick scooter matches your child’s age range and skill level, and keep these tips in mind as he or she graduates to the next level in no time. 

Perfect for children aged two to eight and able to support up to 110 pounds, this 2-in-1 sit and scoot design is the perfect transportation toy for younger children to master mobility. Complete with adjustable handlebars, this scooter will grow alongside your child until he or she is comfortable transitioning from scooting to scootering. Not only does our KS2 model offer a great opportunity to get outdoors with your child, you can rest comfortably on the sidelines thanks to the kick scooter’s user-friendly rear fender brake. With vibrant two-tone color options available in blue and green or pink and purple, your kid will cruise in style and stand out on the street.

Once your child is ready to transition from seated scooting to stand alone kick scootering, check out our KH8 Kick Scooter for teens—available in sleek, stylish colors like black, red, blue, and white. Designed with riders of all ages in mind, this kick scooter is a sturdy and reliable option for intermediate scooter enthusiasts who are already acquainted with the device’s mechanics. With the ability to support up to 220 pounds and adjustable handlebar height, even parents have been known to take the KH8 for a spin around the block from time to time. Complete with a lightweight frame and a user-friendly folding mechanism, this scooter is a portable option for kids who ride to school, families who love to roadtrip, and outdoor adventurers searching for an active way to get from point A to point B.

If your child feels comfortable on the deck of their standard kick scooter and is itching to land a few wheelies, our St Pro 300 stunt scooter is the perfect choice for advanced riders. Decked out with 4.3'' solid tires and weighing in at only 8.8 pounds, this ultra-lightweight kick scooter makes mastering tricks and maneuvering the device a breeze. The St Pro 300 is crafted with quality materials that are built to last, and the aluminum alloy A6063 offers riders high-tensile strength and reliability. Great for adventurous teens and adults weighing up to 220 pounds, this device is well loved by both amateur riders and expert level scooterists alike. This stunt scooter also offers a shock absorbing compression system and a foldable deck—so compact and lightweight it may just become your new favorite travel companion. 

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