Unboxing the Nova PRO Hoverboard

Watch along as Maddy unboxes the Nova PRO Hoverboard from hoverboard.com

When opening your Nova PRO Hoverboard, you will find a battery charge, an instruction manual, and an additional flyer with customer support information. The Nova PRO retails for $199.99 and comes in 2 chrome-coated colors, silver and rose gold. 

There are so many cool features that come with this hoverboard. For starters, it includes our customer-favorite infinity wheels! What does this mean? Well - infinity wheels are a design feature that shows illuminated lights inside the wheel, that seem to go on forever. It also features bright LED lights so riders can be seen day and night, as well as wireless Bluetooth speakers, so you can ride to your favorite music. 

With an ultra-powerful 400 Watt motor, riders can move up to 6.2 miles per hour and with the 36 Volt battery, it can travel up to 5 miles between charges! Charge up in just 4 hours. 

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