Top Five Accessories Every Kick Scooters Needs to Stand Out

If your child has mastered their scooter skills—navigating around corners and abiding by street markers—it may be time to reward the hard work by decking out their device with functional and fashionable accessories. While safety accessories, like helmets and athletic footwear, are non-negotiable items that should be worn every ride, there’s a variety of other equipment embellishments that add to the experience of every ride. Whether you want to double up on protective adornments, functional features, or simply add a touch of flair, these five accessories are great starter options.

  • Scooter Bell or Horn

The neighborhood will see and hear your child coming, increasing safety and visibility, as your child cruises around the block with their kick scooter. Standard bicycle bells and horns are adjustable, affordable, and available on for under ten dollars. Designed to work on anything using the standard 7/8" handlebar diameter, most sound makers can be installed without any need to modify the device itself. Choose from a wide variety of different colors and sounds and surprise your scooter enthusiast with this fun new attachment.

  • Reflective Stickers and Magnets

Get creative when it comes to decorating the handlebars, stem, and deck of your child’s kick scooter. Stickers are a great, removable way to decorate your child’s favorite gadget. Plus,  investing in reflective stickers adds an extra element of safety as winter summons shorter days and fewer hours for your child to ride in sunlight. A wide array of colors, shapes, and textures are available online and in sporting goods stores.

  • Kick Scooter Carrying Strap

Excellent for young scooterists on-the-go, a kick scooter carrying strap is easily stored in backpacks, overnight bags, and back pockets. By alleviating the brunt of the weight from your child’s back and relocating it to the shoulder, the adjustable strap allows for comfortable device transport. Combined with a carrying bag or on its own, this affordable accessory is great for touting a kick scooter to an after-school activity, bringing it on board the school bus, or taking a break from the gadget while crossing a busy intersection.

  • Front Storage Basket

Attaching a basket to the front of your child’s scooter is a fashionable and functional strategy for keeping his or her necessities nearby. Without sacrificing balance or control, an attachable front basket is a great way to bring a water bottle, cell phone, snack, or favorite stuffed animal along for the ride while avoiding distractions. Available in small and large sizes, baskets are a great accessory for new and more experienced riders looking to keep their hands secured on the handlebars and their belongings safely in sight.

  • Scooter Dock

The final accessory is beloved by both adults and childrenit’s a great way to keep the garage organized for parents while reinforcing the responsibility of taking care of a scooter to young riders. Plus, a scooter dock is the best way to keep a scooter off the floor and easily accessible while  requiring very little space. Because kick scooters don’t stand on their own, a scooter dock that secures to a wall, shelf, or railing may be ideal based on your organization preference. Because kick scooters are manually operated and don’t require a charge, docking stations can be as small or spacious as you like. 


Kick scooters are a great way to keep your kids active and part of the community cul-de-sac, and these accessories double as excellent stocking stuffers or birthday surprises. Whether your child is in the market for something flashy and fashionable or whether you want to increase the safety rating of your child’s scooter ride, a new accessory is a great way to achieve your goal. 

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