Top 3 Kids Kick Scooters for Summer

Summer is officially here! Longer days spent at the park, late-night BBQs, and plenty of camping trips should be in store for the summer ahead. The fun doesn't have to stop there though.

We recommend adding a kick scooter to your child's summer. Lightweight, durable frames, and LED wheels are just a few of the features of's kick scooters that will keep your kid outside and off their phones this summer season. Here are our top 3 kids kick scooters we think you should pick up while the warm weather lasts!

3. K08 Kick Scooter

Ridevolo Black K08 Kick Scooter for Teens

The K08 kick scooter comes with 8" solid tires with a max rider weight of 220lbs so that kids, teens, and even adults can ride this kick scooter. First on the list simply because it a scooter that the whole family can enjoy, thankfully it comes in 4 color variations in case you need to get more than one. Additionally, the K08 comes with a simple, one-touch folding for when you need to pack it up, carry it up some stairs, or store it away after a fun day filled with riding. 

2. GOTRAX ST PRO 300 Stunt Scooter

Take over the skatepark and neighborhood streets with the GOTRAX ST Pro 300 Stunt Scooter. The solid frame is built with aircraft-grade aluminum so it can take the hits, bumps, and falls most other kick scooters can't. Equipped ABEC9 bearings for better stability and a smoother rides allows you to get into a steady groove to land all your tricks. Lastly, the ST PRO 300 comes with 4.3" solid wheels designed to deal with the intense impacts expected on a stunt scooter. 

1. GOTRAX KX5 Kick Scooter

(Pictured Left to Right) GOTRAX Pink KX5 Kick Scooter and GOTRAX Blue KX5 Kick Scooter

 A classic build. The GOTRAX KX5 Kick Scooter is the ideal scooter for summer. We recommend the KX5 to children between 4-10 years old. An adjustable handlebar allows your child to grow up with this kick scooter so you wont' have to worry about getting different scooters every time they hit a growth spurt. Take an early evening ride so you can see your kids face and the 4.5" LED tires light up! 

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