The Top 3 Electric Scooter For Kids

Electric scooters aren't just for adults. GOTRAX has plenty of options for all ages to ride together. Our entire line-up of electric scooters for kids is UL Certified so you can trust the electric scooter your child is riding on. They also feature solid rubber tires, LED lights, and much more! However, today we'll go through exact specifications and reasons behind why you should get one of GOTRAX's top 3 kids electric scooters for your child this year.

1. Scout - Ages 4+

The Scout is built for our youngest riders and features an LED deckboard that is sure to light up their ride. The handlebars reach up to 33.8" with soft rubber grips to give your kid a comfortable ride. This e-scooter is powered by an 80 Watt rear wheel motor to offer a more exciting ride than your standard kick scooter. The Scout only has a top speed of 6 MPH so don't worry about your child speeding away. Additionally, the motor is only activated when they push off and have their foot placed properly on the deckboard button. We recommend this electric scooter for kids riding an e-scooter for the first time aged 4-6. Be sure to grab your child a helmet for their first ride too!

2. GKS Plus - 7+

LED's everywhere! The GKS Plus is a true standout when it comes to our e-scooters for kids line-up thanks to the LED Light strips on the tiller/stem and deckboard. Built with a 150 Watt Rear Wheel Motor to give a top speed of 7 MPH. You and your child need not worry about flats, all our electric scooters for kids are built with solid rubber tires to handle any kind of ride thrown at them. The GKS Plus also features our two-button activation system meaning that whoever is riding will have to have both feet securely placed on the deckboard before the motor will engage. We'd recommend this e-scooter for kids ready to upgrade from the Scout or GKS electric scooters. 

3.The Vibe 10+

The perfect scooter before your child starts riding a adult electric scooter. The Vibe Electric Kick Scooter for Teens is made for kids too tall to fit on our GKS series. This e-scooter comes with a powerful 200 Watt front wheel motor which gives it a max speed of 12mph nearly double of the GKS Plus. Weighing less than 22lbs and with a built-in one-touch folding mechanism carrying and storage have never been easier. The Vibe is a must have for kids taking their next step in the electric scooter world or teens looking to join!

Remember to ride safe and always wear your helmet!

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