The Best Electric Scooters for Teens

For some kids, they want a ride that represents them. They want to be able to ride with the adults but still have fun with friends. Electric scooters for teens sometimes seem difficult to come by. However, is here to save the day. We have a few different models available for any teen looking for an upgrade from their older model. Here are our top picks for the best electric scooters for teens.

3. GOTRAX Vibe Electric Scooter for Teens

Red, Gray, and Teal Vibe Electric Scooters For Teens in front of a lake in the park.

The Vibe is the perfect balance for those in-between kids scooters and adult e-scooters. It is also our only teen electric scooter that features solid rubber tires so flat tires won't become an issue. Available in Red, Silver, Ocean Teal, and Blue so there are plenty of options to fit with whoever is riding. The Vibe features the same one-step folding as the F1 but is a much lighter, smaller build as an ideal size for 13 and 14 year olds. Capable of a max speed of 12 MPH with a 7 mile range per charge make the Vibe the obvious choice for trips to the park or around the neighborhood with their friends. 

2. Hoverfly F1 Electric Scooter

Teen riding Hoverfly F1 Electric Scooter for Teens

The perfect scooter for quick trips and fun adventures. The F1 electric scooter features a LED headlight, rear wheel braking, and responsive taillight for a safe and secure ride. Luckily, it also has one-touch folding for easier storage and carrying convenience. A comprehensive digital display gives easy readouts on top speed, cruise control, distance, and more. This e-scooter has a top speed of 15.5 mph with a max range of 15 miles per charge. We'd recommend the F1 for kids aged 15 and up so they would be at a comfortable riding height. 

1. Apex Electric Scooter

Man riding GOTRAX Apex Electric Scooter on a paved path in a city.

Our last pick is the Apex Electric Scooter. This e-scoter for teens features a sleek, smooth design and is our only teen electric scooter to feature a rear wheel motor. Putting the motor in the rear wheel over the front provides better initial acceleration and hill climbing ability. The battery is now placed in the deckboard for a more balanced ride. Air-filled 8.5" pneumatic tires help absorb the shock from any crack or bumps in the road your teen may ride over. The most important thing to remember when on an electric scooter is to ride safe and don't forget a helmet!

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