Product Overview: KS2 2-in-1 Sit and Scoot Kick Scooter for Kids

This kick scooter 2-in-1 combination is the perfect choice for riders as young as two years old. The GOTRAX KS2 2-in-1 Sit and Scoot kick scooter for kids is one of our most popular models for younger riders. It allows your child to grow up with their kick scooter thanks to the foldable seat and adjustable handlebars. Even if they haven't found their balance on two feat yet they can still ride around and have fun!

GOTRAX Purple KS2 2-in-1 Sit and Scoot Kick Scooter for Kids Hero Angle

The handles bars can be set between 24.5" to 32.5" so your little rider can have them set to appropriate, comfortable height. Furthermore, the KS2 is built in a 3-Wheel design for increased stabilization and safety for your child, the front solid rubber 4.7" wheels come with built-in LEDs. The main feature about this little kick scooter is the easily foldable seat. Set it down for children as young as 2 to get out there and explore their neighborhood in a new way. Then, as they start to get older you can leave the seat up more and more as they grow into their KS2 2-in-1. 

This kick scooter is currently available in either green with blue accents and purple with pink accents to ensure your child will love the look of their brand new scooter. The KS2 2-in-1 is rated to hold riders up to 110lbs from ages 2-8. However, regardless of age we recommend every child wear a helmet and protective gear for extra safety. Have fun and ride safe!

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