Product Overview: GOTRAX GKS Plus LED E-Scooter for Kids

Kids sometimes want a rideable with a little more style, speed, and stability. They really want something that stands out from the rest. The GOTRAX GKS Plus LED E-Scooter for Kids is the answer. Today we are going to give a quick overview as to why you should grab this e-scooter for kids this holiday season.

The GKS Plus main feature that you'll see when you first power it up is the LEDs along its tiller and deck board. The lights will be the same color as your GKS Plus so they will always be matching. A rear wheel 150 watt motor powers this electric scooter forward to a top speed of 7.5 mph. Additionally, the motor can only be started when your child uses our two-button activation system. This ensures they don't go scootering around without having both feet securely on the deck board. 

GOTRAX Pink GKS Plus LED E-Scooter for Kids


This e-scooter comes in at just under 21lbs so it is perfect to take along to the park or ride around the neighborhood. The 6" solid rubber tires make sure you won't have to worry about any flats. A 25.2V 2.6aH will keep your kids scooter charged for up to 7 miles so they will have plenty of time to have fun. Don't forget to grab your kid a helmet to go with their new e-scooter!

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