Unboxing the Nova Hoverboard

Watch along as Maddy unboxes the Nova Hoverboard 6.5” from hoverboard.com! 

When you receive your Nova Hoverboard, you will first see that it also includes a charger, the manual, and a flyer including customer support information. The Nova retails for $159.99 and comes in 4 fun colors including pink, black, teal, and light blue. 

The Nova is a self-balancing hoverboard, which makes it a great model for beginner riders. The hoverboard will self-correct and balance itself, making mounting this hoverboard extremely easy and user-friendly. It also features bright LED lights, so you can be seen day and night! 

 Its 200 Watt motor allows riders to move up to 6.2 miles per hour and the 25.2 Volt battery lets you go up to 3.1 miles per charge. In just 5 hours of charging, you or your kids can be ready to hover on! 

The best part? You can connect your phone through the wireless Bluetooth setting and jam along to your favorite tunes while riding.

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