Kick Scooter Buyers Guide

There are a lot of choices when it comes to getting your child the right kick scooter. The most important thing to consider is your child’s age and what they’re looking to accomplish with their scooter! Are they a future stunt rider? Looking to practice their balance? Here you will find a comprehensive list of all kids kick scooters featured by 

K01 - $49.99

The RideVolo K01 Kick Scooter, available in 3 playful colors, is one of our 3-wheeled kick scooters that is great for younger children. This model is a great option for kids looking to move and groove but still need a little help on their balance. The K01 actually helps support your child while teaching them how to balance on a scooter. With 4 adjustable heights (29.1/ 31.1/ 33.1/ 35 inch), children ages 3-8 typically benefit from riding the K01! And we can’t forget the LED light up wheels that make riding extra fun. 

K02 2-in-1 - $59.99

The K02 is our 2-in-1 stand or scooter option for kids! With two ways to enjoy this scooter, kids can learn by using the attachable seat and when they’re ready to ride it can be removed! It comes in five fun colors, including black, green, purple, red and blue. This model also includes height adjusting handlebars (26.3/29.1/31.5 inch), making this a great option for children ages 2-6 years old. 

KX5 - $49.99 

The KX5 Kick Scooter, available in four fun colors, is a classic kick scooter that may remind you of something you rode when you were a kid. The difference? Our KX5 includes light up LED wheels that ensure added fun as your child rides day and night. It features 3 adjustable handlebar heights (26.3/29.1/31.5 inch) so no need to worry about this scooter outgrowing your child. Great for children between the ages of 4 and 10! 

Don’t see a color you like? Our RideVolo K05 ($49.99) has the same features with additional colors! 

RideVolo K08 - $99.99

The RideVolo K08 (and K08-I), available in black or white, are great versatile kick scooters for slightly older children but not exclusive to age. The K08 can also be ridden by teens and adults looking for a dependable and affordable kick scooter. This scooter folds down easily with the pull of a lever and only weighs 12.4 lbs, making it easy to take with you wherever you go! Children (and adults) looking for that extra sturdy build are going to love the K08. 

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