Introducing the Pulse LED Hoverboard

Truly one of our most unique hoverboards yet. The Pulse LED Hoverboard stands out with an incredibly luminous LED body which is sure to light the way ahead. 

Luckily, we had someone on hand to unbox and test out the Pulse. Lorelei is able to easily unpack and start-up her brand new hoverboard. This model features 6.3" solid rubber tires with LEDs in the rim for the same lighting effect as the rest of the hoverboard. It comes with dual 200 Watt motors that power it to a max speed of 6.2 mph. On top of that, the Pulse is rated an IP54 on the Ingress Protection scale (IP), in case your child accidentally splashes it or rides through some mud. Thanks to an integrated self-balancing mode this hoverboard works for beginners and first times can join in on the fun as well!

Child riding Pulse LED Hoverboard 6.3" while crouching

Don't worry you can also ride your hoverboard during the day. Weighing less than 13lbs the Pulse hoverboard is the ideal pick for kids 8 and up looking for a more unique design for their hoverboard rides. It makes for the perfect gift or birthday present that is sure to bring smiles as bright as the hoverboard itself. 

Remember to ride safe and have fun!

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