Hoverboards VS Kids Electric Scooters : Which Is Right For You ?

Hoverboards vs Kids Electric Scooters is the ultimate battle between two incredible electric rideables. Both have their pros and cons, today we are going over just a few of them to help you decide which one is the best choice for you.

Ease Of Use

This category deals with our first-time riders. For instance, you just bought a hoverboard or electric scooter and you have little to no practice on either.

Gotrax Hoverboards are equipped with a self-balancing mode to assist with riding so that you are able to stay centered. They are also much easy to ride and fit indoors so you can ride in a safe, well-known environment as opposed to riding outside. 

Electric Scooters for kids by Gotrax have a simple two-button activation system and adjustable handlebars to fit any rider. Similar to regular kick scooters, the first few push offs can be difficult but once you find your footing it becomes muscle memory. Our Scout electric scooter is the perfect starter scooter to get you child outside an active riding a stable and safe e-scooter. 

Winner: Electric Scooters for Kids 

The clear winner in this situation. The handlebars are the biggest difference because it allows the rider to feel more secure during movement. The hoverboard also requires a bit more practice to master riding. Whichever one you ride be sure to grab a helmet and ride safe!

Style And Variety

Your hoverboard and electric scooter has to fit your style. Match your personality, find the rideable that speaks to you. 

Hoverboards come in all variety of colors, designs and shades. Chrome exteriors and infinity wheels truly add the extra pizazz that really makes for a unique ride. Some of our hoverboards are even built for off-road use, fitted with 8" solid tires to tackle difficult terrain. 

E-scooters for kids come in black, pink, green, red, and blue. Our GKS Lumios comes fitted with an LED front wheel that will light up as you ride. Others are fitted with LED strips on the tillers. 

Winner: Hoverboards

Gotrax Chrome Hoverboard

Hoverboards come with more options and more style. The Glide Chrome and Nova Pro are just two of our standouts that truly set the hoverboards apart from the rest. If you are wanting style, a hoverboard is the choice for you. 

Battery Lift And Specs

The real question is, "How long can I use it?" All our rideables are equipped with a rechargeable battery. We will talk recharge times, battery life, and more. 

Hoverboards take between 4-5 hours to charge. They range from 6-7.5 mph in max speed with 3-7 miles per charge. Hoverboards are equipped with dual motors, one for each side. This allows the hoverboard to be ridden evenly without any power surges to one side. Hoverboards can be taken on smooth, paved floors and paths. If you have one with off-road tires, dirt and gravel paths are also accessible.  

Our Kids Electric Scooters take 4-5 hours to charge. They range from 7-12 mph in max speed with 4-7 miles per charge. Our kids' electric scooters are equipped with either a powerful rear or front motor. The rear motors especially help with climbing steeper hills and a stronger acceleration. Charges typically last longer on the scooters because only a single motor is being powered compared to two. 

Winner: Electric Scooter for Kids

electric scooters for kids

Stronger specs win the day. On average, more speed, longer use, and greater control gives the Electric Scooters an edge over the hoverboards. 

Overall Winner : Electric Scooter For Kids

Electric Scooters for kids are easier first rides and have the better specs. Kids, children and even young teens are able to find something available for them from our GKS to the Vibe, your child can find the right e-scooter for them. 

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