Hoverboard x GOTRAX: The Perfect Match

Hoverboard.com has begun to carry a line-up of Gotrax products from a select line-up of electric scooter and hoverboard. Gotrax offers a 14-day return policy with a 6-month warranty. Gotrax has sold over 1 million e-rideables since 2017. They also have a selection of electric scooters for kids so the whole family can ride together. 

Gotrax hoverboards

Gotrax brings a wide range of additional features to the e-scooter section of Hoverboard.com including, digital displays, enhanced braking, larger air-filled pneumatic tires, and much more. Be sure to stay up to date by signing up for our newsletter as Hoverboard.com looks to continue to expand our hoverboard and electric scooter line-up. 

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