Hoverboard Weight Limits: Finding the Right Hoverboard

Finding the right hoverboard can be tricky under any circumstance. At Hoverboard.com, we like to make it easy. Today, we'll make it even easier with a weight limit list so you can find the right hoverboard for your child whether they are six or sixteen! All of our hoverboards come with a set weight limit. While our hoverboards can handle a bit more than said weight, that is the recommended weight limit to ensure speed and range are not drastically effected. The list will go in descending order starting with out lowest weight limit up to our highest!

Max Rider Weight 88lbs


Child riding a GOTRAX Black Flash LED Hoverboard for Kids in a house

Built for the youngest of our riders. A limited weight means slower, more stable hoverboards so your child can learn safely. All of our hoverboards, regardless of weight limit, feature our self-balancing technology for added safety during rides. 

Max Rider Weight 132lbs

SRX Mini

Young child riding a GOTRAX Pink SRX Mini Hoverboard for Kids with Built-In Carry Handles on a sidewalk

This little hoverboard finds itself in the in-between. It comes with built-in handlebars for an easier time putting it away when your little one isn't using it. We recommend the SRX Mini for children aged 7-10 years old. Don't forget to grab a helmet and other protective gear for you little one. Even the most experienced riders can stumble off their hoverboard everyone once in a while. It's important to keep your child safe while they are having fun. 

Max Rider Weight 176lbs

Teen riding a GOTRAX Black Edge LED Hoverboard for Kids down the road

Glide Chrome, Edge, Glide Pro, Fluxx FX3, Nova, Nova Pro, Pilot, Pulse, Trinity, Trinity Max, Pulse Lumios, Pulse Max

This is where a majority of our hoverboard models reside. It is the ideal max weight because it fits for all children, most teens, and even a few adults. Be sure to take a look at some of the models, such as the Glide Chrome, that feature a built-in bluetooth speaker for your kid to jam out to while they ride. Simply turn on the Bluetooth function on your smart phone and look for a "Hoverboard" named device. Hit connect and your ready to rock out! 

Max Rider Weight 220lbs

Two children riding a GOTRAX Black and Rose Gold E5 Off-Road Hoverboards for Kids with Integrated Bluetooth Speakerrs

E4, E5, SRX Pro

The end all, be all of hoverboards. Designed to go where other hoverboards can't. These select models feature larger, more durable tires to handle rougher terrain. Additionally, coming with a stronger frame means they can handle the most weight out of any of our hoverboards. The E5 is our personal favorite due to its integrated bluetooth speak and LED infinity wheels that truly make it a standout in our hoverboard line-up. 

Remember to ride safe and always wear a helmet!

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