Don't Give Up Your Hoverboard This Winter: Three Ways to Stay Gliding this Season

As autumn approaches and outdoor temperatures begin to drop, you may feel reluctant to ride your hoverboard outdoors—especially if your city is home to a colder climate and hampered by the elements of rain and snow. However, with a little creativity and effort you can ride right through the chilly season without worrying about your hoverboard skills rusting. Before hanging up your board for good this holiday season, consider our favorite techniques to cruise through winter weather without a hitch.

Imagine Indoor Riding Options

While it’s no doubt some days simply don’t allow for outdoor riding, there are a variety of spaces inside to take advantage of when you want to squeeze in a quick boarding session. While we recommend checking with owners and local authorities first, there’s a variety of locations that double as hoverboard havens. Indoor basketball courts, covered skate parks, and even your own garage are great arenas for brushing up on your riding skills and even practicing new tricks.

Crank up the tunes, invite your friends, or simply enjoy the solitude of a solo ride indoors. Bring your board along to the office for some hallway hovering or take a house tour on wheels. Winter won’t stop you if you’re willing to make a few small tweaks to your traditional riding territory.


Perform Seasonal Maintenance on Dreary Days

If you’re not quite up for a fully fledged ride but still miss your board, it’s the perfect time to perform some seasonal maintenance on your equipment. In the winter, it’s important to check your battery, tire pressure, and charge levels regularly. When your hoverboard is not in use, store it in a warm, dry place and consider purchasing a cover or wrapping it with a blanket to shield it from external elements and moisture accumulation.

If you’ve been meaning to add accessories, like additional lights or larger tires with tread, make it a priority so you can impress come springtime. Decorate your deck with stickers or treat yourself to a stylish new helmet! Even if you’re not riding the board itself, there are plenty of ways to stay in touch with your hoverboarding hobby. In fact, giving your board a little TLC may be just the motivation you need to cruise around the block and nail some new balancing techniques.


Plan a Trip to Hoverboard Hot Spots with Warm Weather

If you’re uninterested in taking a hoverboard hiatus this holiday season, then it may be time to expand your horizons and plan a trip centered around one of your favorite hobbies. Hawaii, Florida, and southern California are all board-friendly states that boast mild climate year-round and offer visitors beautiful scenery to explore on wheels.

Well-known for being alternative-transit friendly, cities like Portalnd, Oregon, Los Angeles, California, and parts of Texas have plenty to offer hoverboarders who seek outdoor trails and unique terrain. Instead of letting the winter blues get you down, relocate for a few days and bring your board along for the ride. 

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