Unboxing the Hoverfly F1

The all-new Hoverfly F1 is here. Come watch along as we unbox this new commuter scooter and teach you all about its incredible features. 

Lighting: The Hoverfly F1 is equipped with multiple lighting features so that riders can stay safe on the roads day and night. With a circular front headlight, riders can illuminate their path and be seen by any oncoming traffic. It also includes reflectors on both the front and back wheel, in addition to a brake light that flashes when the brakes are engaged. 

Body Design: The aluminum alloy body makes the Hoverfly F1 super lightweight, making it only 30 lbs. You can easily carry this scooter with you wherever you’re going. 

Battery and Speed: The Hoverfly F1’s lithium-ion battery is capable of taking riders between 12 and 20 miles per charge! With a max speed of 15.5 miles per hour, riders can enjoy a safe yet comfortable ride. 

Who it’s Great for: This scooter is perfect for many types of riders. For kids looking to move away from the kid’s e-scooter, the Hoverfly F1 is a safe and fun ride for them. It’s also a great option for entry-level commuters! 

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