The Best Hoverboards for Kids Under $100

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are right around the corner. is bringing you some savings early this holiday season. A few of hoverboard models are currently available for less than $100 so today we're going to go over them so you can find the right hoverboard for your young one. 

Edge Self-Balancing Hoverboard 6.5" - $99.99

Child sitting next to a GOTRAX Black Edge Self-Balancing Hoverboard 6.5"

The Edge Self-Balancing Hoverboard makes for the perfect, all-around hoverboard. LED lights in the front and on the wheels, dual 200 Watt motors and a 25.2V battery are just a few of the features to be found on the Edge. This hoverboard can handle just about anything your kid can throw at it thanks to an IP54 ingress protection rating. Recommended charge time is between 4-5 hours but that is only from a 0% charge. For most of the time when you plug it in, it should only take 2-3 to get back to 100%. 

Flash Hoverboard for Kids - $95.09

Kid riding a GOTRAX Black Flash LED Hoverboard 6.3" with a Thousand Jr. Helmet on.

300 Watt motor strength gives the Flash Hoverboard a top speed of 5MPH, making it perfect for kids just looking to start out in the hoverboarding world. 6.3" solid rubber tires can handle just about any kind of ride your child can throw at them. You'll also never have to deal with flat tires when using any of our hoverboards as they all come with solid rubber tires. The Flash has a max rider weight of 88lbs so it is ideal for younger riders. 

SRX Mini Hoverboard for Kids 6.5" - $84.99

Child riding a GOTRAX Pink SRX Mini Hoverboard for Kids

The design of this hoverboard is meant for convenience and storage. The GOTRAX SRX Mini hoverboard comes with built-in handlebars. You won't find any LEDs in this hoverboard as we wanted to better focus on the design. Sturdy 6" soldi rubber tires, dual 150 Watt motors along with a 25.2V 2.0aH (50.4Wh) battery power this mini hoverboard to a top speed of 6.2MPH and max range of 3.1 miles per charge. We recommend this hoverboard to ages 6+. The SRX Mini also comes with our self-balancing mode so those first time riders have an easier time finding their rhythm. 

GOTRAX Lil Cub Hoverboard for Kids - $84.99

Children riding GOTRAX Blue and Purple Lil Cub Hoverboard for Kids

Similar to our Flash, the Lil Cub was made the youngest of riders. At first glance you'll notice the paw print foot prints that offer great traction as well as style. An IP54 ingress protection rating means this hoverboard can handle most water or dust being your kid may encounter on their ride. The Lil Cub is incredibly lightweight coming in at only 11lbs so when your child is done playing you won't be straining to move their hoverboard out of the way.  

Remember to ride safe and have fun! 

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