Kick Scooters vs Electric Scooters: Which One is Right for You?

GOTRAX Pink and Blue KX5 Kick Scooters for Kids

Kick scooters are a wonderful choice for children looking for a fun way to get around the neighborhood. In addition to being lighter and more portable than electric scooters, they are also simple to transport and store. For example, the KX5, pictured above, features adjustable handlebars so your kid can keep their kick scooter for years to come. That particular model of kick scooter also comes with LED wheels that light up as your child rides. 

Electric scooters for kids, on the other hand, are propelled by a motor and battery, making them a more effective means of transportation for children who want to save their energy for the park or playground! They can travel farther on a single charge and often have faster top speeds. The GKS Plus and GKS Lumios featured in the video above offer a great look at just a fraction of the fun your child can have on their very own e-scooter. Luckily with the GKS series two-button activation on the deck-board ensures your child must have both feet firmly on the scooter before the motor activates. 

The decision between a kick scooter and an electric scooter will ultimately come down to what your child wants. However, we believe the electric scooter takes the cake overall. It offers a faster, more fun ride for kids while giving them more time to ride since they won't get tuckered out as quickly thanks to e-scooter doing most of the work. 

Remember to ride safe and always wear a helmet! 

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