It’s a Vibe! The Most Vibrant Electric Scooter for Teens

The craze over electric scooters has swept the nation in the past 5 years, garnering millions of dollars in revenue. While the market has exploded with these fantastic electric rideables, a major demographic was left out. Teens! 

Most electric scooters these days are high-powered, commuting machines. They come with enhanced motors that allow riders to reach speeds as high as 20-25 miles per hour. While they are a great solution for adults, they can often be intimidating to teens, or parents looking for an electric ride for their teen. 

That is why we developed the Vibe Electric Scooter for Teens. This e-scooter was designed to give teens all the great features of the adult models, but also include safety features that will give any parent relief from any concerns they may have. 

The Vibe retails for $249.99 and comes in 4 vibrant colors: blue, red, silver, and ocean teal. It features a power-packed 200 Watt motor but caps off at a safe max speed of 12 miles per hour. With its 36 Volt 4.0aH battery, teens can enjoy riding the Vibe up to 7 miles between charges. 

With its one-step folding mechanism and weight of only 20.9lbs, the Vibe can be easily transported wherever you go! 

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