How to Ride Your Hoverboard

Hoverboards can sometimes be challenging to get used to on your first few rides. However, is here to help! We will walk you through this hoverboard how to so you can become an expert hoverboarder. We'll also go over a few tips and tricks to avoid falls and have as much fun as you can. 

Child riding GOTRAX E5 Off-Road Bluetooth Hoverboard with Infinity Wheels

Practice with the Hoverboard Off

The safest way to get ready for your first ride is to get used to the feel of your hoverboard when you are on it. Have a friend, sibling, or parent be there as well to steady you until you find your balance. Start by placing your dominate foot on the hoverboard then move your heel and ball of your foot back and forth.  Do this until you are comfortable enough to activate your hoverboard and balance on your own.

Child preparing to ride GOTRAX Pink Nova LED Hoverboard in the Park

Your First Step!

Now it's time to practice getting on and off your hoverboard while it is powered on. You're going to want to hover your dominant foot over the hoverboard slightly. Then when you are ready plant both feet on the hoverboard simultaneously. We also recommend you have someone there or an object nearby you can steady yourself on while you learn and develop your hoverboard skills. Start with going forward and backward then turn left, and then right. You are calibrating yourself to your hoverboard!

Two children riding the GOTRAX Glide Chrome Bluetooth Hoverboard with LEDs

Keep Practicing

You final steps is to just keep practicing. Learning to ride comfortably can take time so have patience. Even the best hoverboard riders started off at 0. Be sure you always wear a helmet and other safety gear because it is better to be safe than sorry.

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