How to Recalibrate Your Hoverboard

Your hoverboard is often your child's favorite toy. They get to ride and spin around on it or even turn it into a hoverkart. However, sometimes our self-balancing mode and the sensors need to be recalibrated after use. This is a simple process that will take you no more than two minutes to do. 

Kid with a GOTRAX Black Edge LED Self-Balancing Hoverboard

Recalibrate Your Hoverboard

Step 1: Level Your Board. Make sure your hoverboards foot pedals are level with one another and the hoverboard is turned off before beginning recalibration. 

Step 2: Press and Hold the Power Button for 10 seconds. The hoverboard will start to beep and the LEDs start to flash. 

Step 3: Restart the Hoverboard. Turn your hoverboard off and then turn it back on. Your hoverboard is now recalibrated and ready to ride!

It's that simple. You shouldn't run into any further issues with your hoverboard after your recalibration. If recalibrating isn't working be sure to reach out to our Customer Support Team for further assistance.

Be sure to ride safe and don't forget your helmet!

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