How to Connect Your Bluetooth Hoverboard to Your Smartphone

One of our most common questions we get asked through our social media pages and customer support is, "How do I connect my smartphone to my child's bluetooth hoverboard?" We are here to help. We will walk you through how simple it is to connect a bluetooth hoverboard to your smartphone so your kid can ride with their favorite songs. 

Child riding GOTRAX Rose Gold Glide Chrome Bluetooth Hoverboard

We will use the Glide Chrome as an example. To start, simply turn your hoverboard and smartphone/device on as normal. 

Next, go into the Bluetooth settings on your smartphone/device to ensure the mode is on and looking for new devices to connect to. 

You should see the name of your hoverboard, Glide in this case, appear under new devices. If you there are too many devices popping up please use the search bar to find your hoverboard.

Finally, click on your hoverboard name and the hoverboard will voice that a connection is made. Your hoverboard and smartphone/device are now paired. Select your child's favorite artist, playlist, or song, hit play, and let them have fun. 

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