Hoverboarding : How To Hoverboard

An Article For Beginner Riders 

Hoverboards, a self-balancing scooter board, have taken over the internet in the last few years. They are fun to ride and Hoverboard.com has boards for riders of all ages [See: Here] From fail to trick videos, most of us by now know what they’re all about but not all of us know how to ride one. 

The most important thing is to prepare yourself by putting on a helmet and ensuring your hoverboard is placed on a flat surface. It’s important that when first stepping on the board you do so with a flat foot and then slowly raise your second foot onto the other side. Note that when your second foot presses down, the hoverboard is ready for action so be prepared for movement. 

If you struggle with balance try holding onto a table or person that can help you remain stable on the hoverboard. 

Once you’re comfortable getting on and off your hoverboard and moving forwards and backwards you can try turning your hoverboard. Turning is only difficult if you overthink it. Gently shift your body weight in the direction you want to go and the board will do the rest of the work for you! 

Patience is key and always remember to ride with Hoverboard.com!

For a more in depth reading on learning to ride your hoverboard ,please wait the next chapter.

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