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GOTRAX KS2 2-in-1 Sit and Scoot Kick Scooter for Kids

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With the 2-in-1 sit and scoot design, the KS2 is the perfect kick scooter for younger kids learning mobility. They can progress from scooting to scootering in no time with this model!

  • Adjustable Handlebars: The KS2 has adjustable handlebars so that it can grow as your child does! Handlebar height can be set between 24.5” to 32.5”
  • Great for Kids: The KS2 is recommended for children ages 2-8. This model can support weight up to 110 lbs. 
  • Spend Time Outside: Parents can enjoy a reason to get your kids outdoors with this easy to ride kick scooter. 
  • Flashy Design: With vibrant two-tone colors to choose from, your kids will enjoy the colorful appearance! 
  •  Easy Braking: Know your child can brake safely using the easy to access rear fender brake. 

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    Quality Design

    Our 3 wheel kick scooter is built with safety in mind. The extra wheel helps your child balance so they can be comfortable while they ride

    LED Lights Icon in colors Purple and Light Blue

    LED Lights

    Bright LEDs are built-in to the front tires of the scooter to keep your ride iluminated and will truly brighten up your day.

    Solid Rubber Tires Icon in colors Purple and Light Blue

    Solid Rubber Tires

    Our kick scooters have durable solid rubber tires so you don't have to worry about flats and can keep on riding.


    - Max Rider Weight: 110lbs
    - 4.7" Solid Front Tires and 3" Rear Solid Tires
    - Dimensions: 25.6" x 5.9" x 11.4"
    - Weight: 3.8lbs


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