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Hover – “Board” or “Board-Sport?”

Actually, my Hoverboard with its powerful, narrow wheel is as much a Board-Sport as an actual Product.  As such, it cannot be ridden immediately; it takes time to learn, so the kind of people who are buying Hoverboards are first and foremost, people who find some meaning in challenge and achievement, not those who are […]

Why did we make our Hoverboard so expensive?

The Hoverboard marketed at the end of 2015 and beginning of 2016 is what we already call the “Classic”.  It is the ultimate form we believe the one-wheeled board will take and we have optimized it for performance and experience, over cost.  We also made the Classic our “Platform” product, the version of our Hoverboard […]

Patent Protection

The patent(s) we are most proud of are focused on features that improve or even maximize performance and provide the best possible, overall riding experience.  Our patents will be identified on our website as they are issued, starting in just a few weeks. We believe strongly in the founding principles of the United States Patent […]

Made in the USA

I wish I could say that all of our Classic Hoverboard is made in the USA, but I cannot.  There are some items that, as a practical matter, just categorically aren’t manufactured stateside anymore, at least to any meaningful degree.  The batteries, for example, are dominated by Chinese suppliers.  China, as a country, made a […]

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