Made in the USA

I wish I could say that all of our Classic Hoverboard is made in the USA, but I cannot.  There are some items that, as a practical matter, just categorically aren’t manufactured stateside anymore, at least to any meaningful degree.  The batteries, for example, are dominated by Chinese suppliers.  China, as a country, made a decision that they would dominate the world in Lithium Ion Battery supply and made good on that ambition.  We are working with valued suppliers in China to lower the cost of our whole pack as well as to offer packs optimized in different ways, though not entirely by choice.  Another example is the motor.  Even with the motor designed and purchased in the US, it must actually be made in the Pacific Rim to be even the least-bit competitive.

Were it possible for us to make our Hoverboard entirely in the USA, it would cost us more than $10,000 per unit to do so.  Actually, just trying to make much of it in the USA has us at the ~$4,000 price-point.  We are being hammered in Social Media for our pricing and in-fact, we are left with a choice to, at least ALSO, make product completely in China, or forsake most of the market to Chinese competition.  For that reason, we are actively partnering with reputable Chinese companies as well as companies in Taiwan and Korea, to deliver a range of Hoverboard products with different optimizations and price-points.

Regardless of where we manufacture the product however, our margins are the same, so whether you buy a product we make entirely in Asia, or buy one we substantially manufacture here in the States, it makes no [financial] difference to us.  While that is true, financially, it is not true spiritually, or philosophically.  I already made my fortune in my last company.  Hoverboard Technologies, for me, is not a “get-rich” scheme – already there.  Hoverboard is my opportunity to see if it is possible, with the coolest product in the world, to leverage Millennial’s budding interest in the “greater-good” to create an example of how businesses can possibly move manufacturing back to the USA (as well as demonstrate, hopefully, a success story in achieving success with a product without resorting to Planned Obsolescence).

What an “American” does by turning to overseas suppliers for product simply to save money, either deliberately, or unwittingly, is move jobs from the US, abroad.  But it’s not just that.  Many other countries manufacture product for lower prices at great expense of worker safety, worker happiness, and at tremendous expense to the environment itself.  This system is well described in this easy-to-understand video:

I will still make product overseas, only because I don’t happen to be entirely suicidal, but YOU can determine where we tip the scales – where I will buy or make my next 1,000 units!  Take comfort also, that the current product we are tooling up for and pre-selling at, is our “Classic” Hoverboard, our customizable “Platform” product that will always be the most expensive solution delivering the highest performance, and ironically, the best value.


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