Why is the Hoverboard so expensive?

These are the major reasons the Hoverboard was made as a high-end product: 1) Quality – The greatest cost driver for the Hoverboard stems from the choice to make the product of unprecedented quality. This has permeated every component choice and the benefits are greater up-time, seldom being stranded, and reduced maintenance costs, including shipping […]

What kinds of things can I control with Hoverscript?

Hoverscript runs in a computer inside the Hoverboard. Computers have various inputs, various outputs, and the relationships between the inputs and the outputs are established through programming. Programming in Hoverscript is easy with a small set of simple BASIC commands. There are no limits or presuppositions as to what an owner might like to do […]

How do I customize the lighting display?

The phone apps offer many lighting customization options, but infinite freedom over lighting customization is found through programming the Hoverboard in Hoverscript.

What is Hoverscript? How does it work?

Hoverscript is a simple programming language that lets the owner customize the operation of their own Hoverboard where desired. The Hoverscript language is patterned after “BASIC” for easy learnability, even by total non-programmers. Superior script languages, like Python, offer more impressive programming power, but tremendously at the expense of greater complexity, and programming power beyond […]

Will taking my Hoverboard apart void the warranty?

Your warranty will not void just “because” you took it apart, but repairing damage is chargeable and so if you damage your Hoverboard or its components in such a way the factory is required to intervene, then it should be expected there will be some expense.

Can anyone take a Hoverboard apart and put it back together? Is that safe?

To break a Hoverboard down and reassemble it, you should have some basic experience with simple tools, especially a screw-driver. It is important to have fundamental understanding about screws and to know what is too-loose and what is too-tight. Too loose, and the screw can walk itself out over time, and too tight can damage […]

Why would someone customize their Hoverboard?

In the beginning, Hoverboards will all be the same, but over time, we will be making improved modules that even the earliest Hoverboard owners will be able to purchase and install themselves. As can be seen by the specifications, and any comparison between the Hoverboard specifications and those of other personal electric vehicles, we have […]

How can I keep up with the latest Hoverboard modular offerings and upgrades?

Make sure you enter your email address at www.hoverboard.com and you will be alerted to all new product developments.

I’ve read that the Hoverboard is “modular” and upgradeable. What does that mean? What are some things I might be able to upgrade in the future?

The Hoverboard represents a big investment and we have designed it to protect our early adopters from early obsolescence. That is why we have first, taken the extra time and invested the extra effort to deliver a 3rd generation product 1st. Still, we expect to continue making significant advances and so have made the Hoverboard […]

Are there different treads available for off-road use?

We are experimenting with different tire-types. Solid, Polyurethane tires give the best “carving” experience on pavement, but pneumatic tires provide the smoothest ride and operate on dirt paths. We are working to develop a pneumatic tire with a special profile that combines both excellent handling as well as smooth performance on rough surfaces. All solutions […]