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Our Company

Hoverboard Technologies was started by Robert Bigler, inventor and entrepreneur. Robert’s vision for the future of personal electric mobility has finally lead to the delivery of the Hoverboard. The Hoverboard design has been in Robert’s mind for many years, and the successful sale of Robert’s previous company, Animatics Corporation, allowed him to bring his dream to life.

The Hoverboard is the first, and favorite, in a string of concepts Robert will be bringing to life in the near future through an Incubator he started, called “Equalia”. Hoverboard Technologies is wholly owned by Equalia. Equalia does all of the design work for Hoverboard and is comprised of a small group of engineers and industry professionals, working in a facility built in Mt. View, the heart of Silicon Valley, for this purpose.

Our Founder

Robert started Animatics, a robotics/automation company, immediately after graduating from San Jose State University with a Mechanical Engineering degree. He grew Animatics to an INC. 500, global organization and recently sold it to Moog [MOG-A], a very large and well respected motion control company in Upstate NY. At Animatics, Robert invented the “SmartMotor” (www.smartmotor.com), the industry’s first fully-integrated servo systems, servo motors with all of the control and drive electronics packed inside for minimum volume and maximum power-density. Today, SmartMotors automate thousands of applications from undersea drones exploring the ocean floor, all the way to space, controlling experiments in the International Space Station. Robert’s hobbies include travel, sand-sculpture, interior design, architecture, flying, scuba diving, biking, and now, of course, his favorite activity – Hoverboarding.

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Send your CV and resume to talent@hoverboard.com and tell us what you are most passionate about that is reflected in your experience and skill set.

We are looking for the dedicated people who can elevate us to the next level.

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