Hover – “Board” or “Board-Sport?”

Actually, my Hoverboard with its powerful, narrow wheel is as much a Board-Sport as an actual Product.  As such, it cannot be ridden immediately; it takes time to learn, so the kind of people who are buying Hoverboards are first and foremost, people who find some meaning in challenge and achievement, not those who are […]

Big Boy Toys In Abu Dhabi

We spent a week in Abu Dhabi at the Big Boys Toys convention https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6ncFcWjPCpg  

Live with Kelly and Michael in New York

ABC invited us to come and demo the Hoverboard live in front ~4 million viewers

Robert Bigler gives speech and demo at CDX in Half Moon Bay

We were invited to do the keynote speach and fireside chat along with attendee demo