Patent Protection

The patent(s) we are most proud of are focused on features that improve or even maximize performance and provide the best possible, overall riding experience.  Our patents will be identified on our website as they are issued, starting in just a few weeks. We believe strongly in the founding principles of the United States Patent […]

Electric Vehicle Rally in Mountain View

We set up a booth and did demos for the attendees at our local EV Rally

Kickstarter Begins With $500K Goal

We needed to invest about a million dollars in tooling and went to Kickstarter to raise half the money through pre-sales

Open Demo For Enthusiists In Mountain View

We invited people to our office to demo the Hoverboard and get their feedback

Natural High Gala An Auction In San Diego

We auctioned off the very first Hoverbaord to help raise money at the annual Natural High Gala

TechCruch Breaks The Story On Their Blog

TechCrunch offered to come and spend a few hours demoing our Hoverboard and then published the article